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5 Ways to Check Your Unconscious Biases Against Women

When interacting with women in any capacity, but especially in the professional field, everyone --women included--tends to have pretty strong biases against women and their abilities to perform. I've personally been shocked at myself when I've had thoughts go through my head about how a woman on the fireline or in the office might not be fully capable.  One instance that stands out was my first trainee assignment as an Engine Boss. I was feeling pretty confident as a Prevention Tech tagged on with my district's Type 4 engine. I had several seasons of experience working with engines and this crew seemed like a bunch of nice guys. When we arrived at the fireline to check in with our Division Supervisor (DIVS), I jumped out to meet a woman. She had the tiniest, almost squeaky feminine voice and she stood no taller than myself at about 5' 6" (with a pair of logger boots on). Immediately I assumed she was the trainee. Step one in reducing this woman and her abilities /

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